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Damp And Timber Report

Do you need a Damp Survey Chelmsford CM1? We are local and would love to help!

Welcome to the Timber and Damp Report webpage and ordering service from Albert Victoria. Albert Victoria are the largest providers of independent Timber and Damp reports in London and the home counties. This page is designed to inform clients on what Damp and Timber rot is, and ways to rectify it.

We have expertise within both the Residential and Commercial property sectors, because of our extensive experience.

Who needs our Damp Survey Chelmsford CM1?

You may find that you are purchasing a property and a general surveyor has identified damp timber defects within it. You may also be a property seller within a transaction. Or you may simply own a property and feel that Damp and Timber defects have started to appear.

From a commercial property perspective the majority of our clients are either commercial property lease or freeholders. Such stakeholders often have a responsibility of upkeep of a commercial property.

What Is A Timber A Damp Report?

A Timber and Damp Report is a survey, which detects the presence of any form of Damp or Timber defects.

There are two main types of Damp that are found in properties, Rising Damp and Penetrative Damp. Rising Damp is moisture within the brick work or masonry which is being drawn into the property at ground or below ground level. Penetrative damp occurs when external water is permeating the fabric of a building and therefore can occur on higher levels. Penetrative damp could be damp or water damaged brickwork as a result of a broken gutter which is not ushering rainwater off a building correctly.

What Are Timber Defects?

Another common part our our report carefully examines the common defects and issues that can occur within timber elements of a building. The main types of timber defects are Dry Rot and Woodworm infestation. Our experienced timber inspectors will give you piece of mind that following their inspection, all elements of the buildings timber will be checked for the presence of these issues.

What Does The Report Involve?

Our Damp and Timber Report uses both observation and digital measurement of brickwork, to detect damp and timber defects. The report is a non intrusive process, meaning that no damage to the property will occur. However our surveyors do need access to all external walls of the building. When booking our friendly and professional team will provide you with more information on how to prepare for the survey.

What will I get with my survey?

Trust us to assist you with you damp and timber issues and we will equip you with the most comprehensive and professional report obtainable within the damp industry. You will receive an easy to read text based report accompanied by a detailed floor plan drawing which highlights the position of any Timber or Damp defects that are detected within the property.

An integral part of our report is the plan for remedial action, which provides you with rectification methods and strategies. This section will inform you of what treatment plans we suggest in order to eliminate the defects presence from the building. Our reports highlight the position of damp, the treatment plans to follow and importantly the cost we would charge to complete any suggested remedial work.

What Should I do After The Survey?

Our report details the best action regarding Damp, but you are under no obligation to use us to treat damp. As a result it is wise to use us, but our professional team take pride in helping you every step of the way.

A Final Word About Damp.

Here at Albert Victoria we know that the very subject of Damp and Timber defects within property can cause concern and even worry. If you own a property we are here to apply our experience and talent to really reassure you that any damp or timber problem can be addressed and resolved.

If the charm and character of a period property has captured you, never let damp put you off a purchase. The regeneration of such beautiful buildings is at the core of our professionalism, its why we love what we do.

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