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Asbestos Surveys

You have reached the Asbestos Survey and booking department of Albert Victoria. We are a friendly company which offer services of Asbestos surveying, management and removal.

What is an Asbestos Survey West Mosley?

Albert Victoria are one of the leading providers of Asbestos Surveys for Commercial and Residential properties. An Asbestos Survey involves a qualified Surveyor searching a building for possible Asbestos.

There are two main types of Asbestos Survey, Management and Removal and Demolition.

Here at Albert Victoria we work exclusively in conjunction with Airtech Analysis LTD for the provision of Asbestos Survey Reports and additional services of Asbestos management and removal to both the residential and commercial sectors.

We are experts in the field of asbestos consultancy, project management, air monitoring, sampling and surveying services which are all offered at competitive prices. We are based in Essex and serve predominately London and the Home Counties. As a result our team of consultants surveyors and technicians have many years experience; along with an outstanding level of qualifications, making us stand out from others servicing the same area.

Did you know that under regulation 4 of The Control of Asbestos Regulations, the duty holder (persons who have a legal responsibility for the premises) must manage the risk from asbestos in non-domestic premises e.g. commercial and industrial premises. The duty also applies to the common parts of domestic premises.

Asbestos Materials must not be present in a property, if you wish to carry out work. As a result you must carry out an asbestos survey within these areas whether you suspect that asbestos is present or not. If you are planning on extending, removing walls or conducting any type work at the property it is vital that you contact an expert for help and advice before you go ahead.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is officially know as a ‘Naturally occurring fibirus silicone mineral’. Asbestos is a rock, mined from within the ground. Due to the soft, mouldable fiburus nature of Asbestos, it is easy to use in as array of building materials. Asbestos is throughout the UK

The Ancient History Of Asbestos.

As far back as the ancient Greeks and even before that during the time of the ancient Egyptians there is evidence of man using Asbestos to make things. There is early evidence that the Egyptians used Asbestos . The ancient Greeks wove Asbestos fibres into their clothes.

The Level of usage of Asbestos?

It is important to understand why Asbestos was so commonly used. Well the answer is in the multiple useful building properties which Asbestos possesses.

There are Six different types of Asbestos rock:







Although the six types differ in danger level, they also differ in fabric properties. Some Asbestos types are very water resistant, however others offer exceptional fire resistance. The major binary agent for its popularity over the years was always its cost effectiveness.

As a result the Egyptions could set Asbestos into their clay pots to strengthen them. Because the Greeks could weave Asbestos into their banquet table clothes and throw them onto a fire after to clean them without them burning.

Asbestos is naturally founded in counties with strong Commonwealth ties to Britain. This is because many of the largest historical Asbestos mines were found in Australia and South Africa.

A Modern History Of Asbestos.

Asbestos is found in any age of property build, and was used from the 1940’s through to the 1980’s. However do not think that it can not be found in older period properties and newer built ones. Because Asbestos was embedded into building products, the danger is of those products being used. Building techniques prior to the 1940’2 and after 1990 may not have used Asbestos at the time of the build. Even when there is nothing to say that Asbestos was used in the building process, Asbestos products could absolutely have been installed during the active use years, and even there after.

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For an Asbestos quote or to discuss any possible needs you may have, please contact us at or call 01279442032.

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